Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Back With Goodies!!

Sorry my beautiful readers for not posting sooner, but I’ve been running around the last few days putting my flyers out :] and other stuff leaning to the business side!
But now I shall take time to answer questions I frequently get asked.
How I take care of my skin. Ever since I was little, I had great skin. It obviously gets a slight bit worse from time to time. But I keep it to the minimum by washing my face with an all natural scrub I make at home with lemon juice, sugar and cotton swabs. It helps me with all my black heads that are very hard to get rid of, and makes my skin brighter and a lot smoother. After I am done with scrubbing my face and its free of any lemon or sugar, I apply toner, and finish by moisturizing.
The lemon juice works wonders just wet your face with warm water so you can open up all your pores pat it so its almost dry, but not too dry.Then, soak up a swab with lemon juice and sprinkle sugar on it (i use a fresh lemon and brown sugar) and scrub away, make sure to scrub in circular motions going upwards to prevent wrinkles, and get the places that are usually oily. Then rinse and dry, and apply toner and your moisturizer. :] (if I have a pimple I’d go the extra step and use a product called Timeless Prescription Anti-Blemish Lotion).
How do I clean all my brushes: For deep cleaning, I dip the bristle part into a bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and wipe it back and forth or twirl it round and round to get all the make up out. After I am finished with that, I take baby shampoo or SNAP All Purpose Natural Concentrate (I LOVE THIS STUFF) and dip the bristles in that and twirl it around a little bit again and rinse out the EVOO and shampoo/soap with warm water, and leave it out to dry.
And if I am on the go, I use my Beauty So Clean Conditioning Brush Cleanser.
This is all for tonight! Check back soon to find out what type of brushes I use for every type of application! I’m also thinking of doing these as vlogs, tell me what you’d like to see. Thank you.
Hearts & Cupcakes,

now off i go to bake cupcakes & brownies!!

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