Thursday, January 13, 2011

Some cup of teas are more bitter than others.

But its okay! A teaspoon of honey in the tea, with a cute pink lipstick on will make it better.

I am so sorry readers for taking so long to post up a new blog =( ! I actually had a bitter cup of tea for a few days that I had to work though. So here's to pink lipsticks!

I feel like as soon as I add on a pink shade lipstick everything in my life that seemed bitter, isn't anymore. Pink lips are so pretty, and I am talking about all shade of pink! They also create a fuller look for skinnier looks -which is a sign of fertility. Its amazing. I love pink lips! My favorite pink lipstick is Pink Pearls from Motives Cosmetics. I am forever in love with this shade! You can order it and fall in love with it too :] just like I did. [and if you become a customer the website will even give you cash back!]

Remember, even when your cup of tea is bitter, a teaspoon of honey and your cute pink lipstick can turn it all around. =] Follow your dreams and thrive.

Pink lipsticks and honey,

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